Workaround for fake FTDI chip on Windows

Recently, I bought some FTDI breakout boards as USB to serial converter. At first, everything works, but later after a driver update, nothing works any more. After a little bit search, it turns out the chips are actually fake chips (f..k)!

FTDI-FT232RLr real vs fake supereal

I don’t want to throw away the chips just as that (meanwhile, I’ve placed another order from another seller, let’s cross fingers), so I did a little bit search and then come across this post:

Update for a fake cable
However, the procedure is much simpler:
1. Download the driver from FTDI official website
2. Change the PID in the two INF files to the one you see in the Hardware Properties of the fake chip when connected to the PC
3. Turn off the “Driver Signature Validation” on Windows, restart, install the driver from device manager. And then it’s working as before.

(Sorry, FTDI, I didn’t expect they also make fake copies of the chip which is already at a low price.)


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