Change from C51 board back to Arduino

The C51 board helped me to quickly find the problem in the code for STM32. However, after some consideration, it’s not suitable for the task as remote controller agent connecting to PC (with USB2TTL converter). It has the basic controls over individual PINs and interrupt routines and everything, but effect to be put to make it work with UART and SPI interface together to have a proper communication protocol is just painful (for now), and the documentation and official support for this board/chip (it’s a custom-design board) is not so good. Most of all, the C51 board is difficult to be extended in future. While arduino is much better considering these disadvantages, pity though, the frequency is much lower than the C51 board (8/16 MHz comparing to 42MHz). But the coding should be simpler.


Basic SPI library in Arduino + NRF24L01+ =>

1. Receive data from UART and send through NRF24L01+ (SPI)

2. Receive ACK with Payload, send to UART

3. Interrupt instead of Polling


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