Restart: nRF24L01+ & STM32

It’s been a long time since I worked on this.

As recently I got two new USB2Serial converter plus an Android Uno acting like a USB2Serial Converter also (this can be done by connecting RST to GND [credits by someone else on the web, can’t find the source now]), besides I also have two C51 (STC12XXX) boards with working example for nRF24L01, I’m at a good position to start working on nRF24L01 with STM32 board now.

And today, since the example code of the C51 board for nRF24L01 is only for fixed-size payload communication, I’m able to do point to point communication with fixed-size payload using nRF24L01+ on STM32.

The next step would be change the code running on C51 and STM32 to use Dynamic Payload size.

[Previous problem causing nRF24L01+ not working with STM32 is that I made a typo mistake using a wrong register name macro in one of the helper functions]

[The code style is not so good: a lot of registers => a lot of register macro definition (register name, bits in the register, mask etc.). I’m wondering if there’s a better way to do this]



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