MPU6050 (DMP) with STM32F103 mini board

Recently I’m trying to make the MPU6050 sensor work with the STM32F103 board. Since there’s work already done by someone else to make the MPU6050(DMP) available on boards with STM32F103. First, the document for DMP in MPU6050 is not available anywhere on the internet unless you register with a company/organization email address on the invsense “developer corner” through their website (even though, the document you get is not thorough enough to implement your own HAL driver for the DMP, let alone generating the firmware for the DMP. However according to some posts I found on the internet claiming that some opensource projects have signed certain agreement with invsense to gain support for use of DMP Anyway, the example project (including eMPL driver for MPU sensors) provided through the developer corner is enough to just extract YAW, PITCH & ROLL value from the sensor (I have no idea how the values are internally calculated using Gyro and Accel measures, and how they should be used in the flight control).

By far, the YAW, PITCH and ROLL values can be correctly extracted. I use python3 matplotlib for a simple host app to plot the three values.



I tried to rotate and tap the sensor board, the readings seemed okay for me. However, I’d like to try do a visualization as in the “FreeIMU Processing Example Project”(If I remember correctly), a 3D cube to show the orientation of the board).

TODO List:

1. 3D visualization. MPU6050 read out validation

2. PWMs on STM32F103

3. SPI on STM32F103 for wireless module

4. GPS

5. TFT2.8 Display

6. …


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