Learning ARM STM32 development

I have had this MINISTM32 board for a long time, but never started to try some application on it.

I did try to start with ARM Cortex-M3 datasheet, but it’s very difficult to start with if the target is to get the some dummy applications running ASAP.
I also had some example projects provided by the saler, but the structures of these example projects are not easy to capture for a total beginner.
So I’m making a baby-step plan (as indicated by an online tutorial).
STEP1. Get user mannual of the MCU (which is STM32F103ZE), and the firmware from ST.   [Check]
The documents can be got from:
The firmare:
This is a firmware from ST itself, providing library (example projects) for using standard phipherals (as I’m trying to get the board interacting with some sensors I have, gyro with I2C, camera with SPI etc).
All the firmwares for STM32 MCUs are listed here:
Just in case I need firmware for SDCard, Flash, USB later etc. 
STEP2. Test/Modify the example project from the firmware. [____]
Get I2C/SPI/UART working.

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