BS2. Learning ARM STM32 Development

STEP2. Test/Modify the example project from the firmware. [Check]
Get I2C/SPI/UART working.
Well, I tried an example project for blinking the two LED lights on the board, it’s working, debug mode OKAY.
However, it’s more complicated to work with I2C/SPI/U(S)ART as pins may be shared, and the names on the PCB is not directly readable, mannual reference is needed.
I need to finish the document of the architecture of the MCU first (130 Pages :(). Meanwhile I will check if I can modify the “printf” example project to work with the USB2Serial component I have now. If yes, then next step is to make I2C work with some sensors with I2C interface I have now.
STEP3. PRINTF with UART [____]

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