Headphone without sound in OpenSUSE 13.1

Headphone without sound in OpenSUSE 13.1

After upgrading from 12.3 to 13.1, the headphone becomes silent while the speaker works fine. Tried several different solutions. Then found this solution.

RadarNyan (radarnyan) wrote on 2013-02-09: #4

I just found out how to make my headphone work, really simple, only two steps:

step1. Shutdown
step2. Boot

*ATTENTION* reboot won’t work. only boot after a shutdown can make it work. no matter if I reboot from Ubuntu or Windows 7, My Headphone never works. but if I shutdown from Ubuntu or WIndows 7, then boot into Ubuntu, my headphone will work perfectly.

Well, I really don’t know why. Anyone knows how this works, please send me an e-mail, I’ll be appreciate ^ ^ !


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