Turning to KDE

As I’m trying to finish my current project in VHDL recently, I found that kate is the most handy editor for me. Yes, I know vim is powerful and I did try to use vim, however, I’m not very familiar with it, and it requires some configuration to be done to enable VHDL folding function. So I’m turning to use KDE. The thing is that I always try to make things like email client and IM to work when I change OS or desktop enviroment, KDE is not so user friendly as gnome, so it takes some time to do the configuration.

I’m using KDE 4.7.x latest one 🙂

To get KMail to work:

kmail terminates during startup with “Failed to fetch the resource collection”

To use google calendar:

Accessing Google Calendar from KOrganizer – Occasional Thoughts (This I didn’t do, too troublesome)

alternative is to use davcal:





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